How do you get rid o cold sores? Just wondering if I get them... Home remedies please... And how do you ge them?


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There are many home remedies and medicines available to get rid of cold sores, so I'll give you some tips and pieces of advice to help you get rid of the cold sore. It should be relatively easy to sort, just make sure you don't pick at the scab or do anything strange. Stick to the advice I'm about to give you and you should be alright.

  • You could try mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with some water - about an ounce should do it. You should do this in as small a glass as you can find in your home, and drink it. You should make sure that you drink this mixture around three times a day. As well as being able to get rid of a cold sore, this drink is good for preventing them in the first place. Once you feel that a cold sore might be developing on your face then you should start drinking the mixture a few times a day.
  • Tea tree oil is great for cold sores as well. You could also try lemon balm of oregano oil. Apply the oils to the skin. This isn't usually done to get rid of the cold sore, but instead to get rid of the pain that comes with them. These substances are completely organic meaning you're not applying chemicals to the skin, and doing this a couple of times a day (or just when you feel pain) can reduce the pain you will experience from the cold sore throughout the day.
  • Garlic is great as well. Taking garlic supplement can act as an antibacterial agent. You could try rubbing a garlic clove on the area that is affected as well, but do remember that this could hurt a little.
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You can go to the chemist, and buy creams and ointments for them, or you can ask at your local natural health shop, what they have that will help.

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