How Do I Get Rid Of Cold Sores?


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Cold sores are a result of the body's chemistry being out of balance, this is easily remedied by taking a mild laxative such as Correctol, this will balance the body chemistry and the cold sore will dissappear.
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Firstly, it is important to note that at present, there is no known cure or even a vaccine for the herpes simplex virus (HSV). Simply put, a cold sore is the flaring up of the HSV in your body. However, it is possible to cut down on the time the cold sore lasts. Application of ice cubes (wrapped in a thin towel) is one of the most common ways in which people deal with cold sores. This is particularly helpful if you catch the cold sore early on.

Applying the substance inside an Aloe Vera leaf is another natural remedy. Many people take vitamins which have a high Vitamin B-12 content.

Some people find it useful to use an anti-bacterial product with no alcohol content (which might irritate the soft tissue). Keep in mind that you need to boost your immune system, rest and reduce stress. You will find a number of over-the-counter preparations meant for topical use.
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Well generally a cold sore is caused because of the herpes simplex virus, but there is a difference among the virus which causes cold sores and the virus that causes genital herpes.

Till date there isn't any instant way of getting rid of cold sores, you will have to take adequate amount of rest. Have a proper nutritious diet along with sufficient protein intake. Cover the cold sores with the help of a protective petroleum-based product; this will help in healing as well as protecting it from additional infections or bacteria's. Try not to have salty or acidic food because food stuffs like potato chips or citrus fruits can aggravate cold sores and add to the pain.

Use an over-the-counter anaesthetic, a local anaesthetic gel which has benzocaine can help numb the pain for time being.
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It might sound crazy but I've had cold sores ever since I as a child and I"m now 37. My mother always made me take a laxative when I got them.  Today I notice petroleum and lysine supplements is best because it keeps the sore from becoming painful.

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Cold sores are a result of herpes. It is extremely difficult almost impossible to get rid of completely but they can be mitigated to a large extent. It will take an extremely disciplined effort on the part of the patient to control cold sores.

Tea tree oil is a new discovery in cold sore treatment, there is evidence that consumption of tea tree oil removes cold sores completely. Excessive sunlight can irritate a cold sore causing it to breakout further. Use an effective sun block so that the heat of the sun does not seep into the cold sore. If the cold sore is extremely painful then painkillers available with the local pharmacist will help. A home remedy that works is ice, if you can apply it to the area where the cold sore is about to form then it could prevent it from forming. Cold sores are extremely contagious so avoid sharing anything with anybody. There are some Vitamins that are known to help in case of cold sores.
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The drug I carry with me and use to prevent a cold sore from developing is called VALTREX (Valacyclovir HCL) 1,000MG.

It's four pills all taken within one day.  It must be taken as soon as you get the swelling and know a cold sore is developing.  The medication will prevent it from growing.  It works beautifully.

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The best way which can help you to remove your sore problem is by using this cream. It is the best cream ever that I ever used by my self and always recommend to others. By using this cream you will get relief from your sore problem not temporarily but permanently. It is the best solution for your sore problem.

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Just put something on them and then just wait for them to go away NEVER LICK LIPS ,KISS ANYONE ,DRINK BEFORE ANYONE ELSES CUP AND ALWAYS NEVER RUB THEM!!!!!!
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Cold sores should never be covered with petroleum jelly ,or the use of a laxative is completely crazy ! Cold sores are the result of herpes simplex 1 wich IS NOT THE SAME AS GENITAL HERPES!!!!! . However keep the area clean and dry and use something like abreva , stress usually is the cause for a cold sore to rear its ugly head , and while your cold sore is active DO NOT LET OTHERS EAT OR DRINK AFTER YOU OR KISS ON THE LIPS UNTILL YOUR COLD SORE IS GONE! OR YOU COULD PASS THIS PIECE OF LUGGAGE ALONG!!!!. Remember you got it from someone else .
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One- never touch the sore and touch somewhere else on your face ccaudr it will spread.  2) aloe Vera, carmex, I think lemon juice

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