Who out there has ever had lice? It stinks! I have had it six times!


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Oh my god! I have had lice once for a year and a half OMFG!! It did more than suck. In the end I got rid of them with a bandana covered in metho on my head!!! A girl in my math class has lice she has had them for like four years, when questioned about it, she changes the subject :/ I just don't want them again!
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Try headrin. Worked for me they all die in the night as sed in my comment. Trust me... They come back because they enjoy clean hair. They cant move around much in dirty greasy hair. You dont have to be a scruff to have lice... Everyone gets tgem. Even if they say they are lying they either lying or locked away from society lol
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Hey it sucks really bad
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I've had them and I was called nitty Nora for years. If I got them now I'd either wash my hair in vinegar or use masses of conditioner.
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I caught head lice loads of times as a kid. They are horrible little buggers! I tried a lotion 'headrin' and it was the most amazing lotion I ever had! Put it on in the night. Go to sleep (put towel on pillow) and in the morning they will all be dead on the pillow. Wash your hair and comb out any eggs that hadn't come off the hair. Then wash hair again. It's brilliant stuff! I would recommend it to anyone with lice problems cause it's so damn good!
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So. You have it? Or u just askin ppl if they had it before? They make your time having them hell!! Lol
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I don't have it. Just might get it again though. :-(

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