How To Kill Lice Using Listerine?


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I am a nurse, I am also an advocate for medications if they work. When my children contracted lice I used the over the counter lice medications only to find live bugs(adult) two days later. The medication didn't come close to taking care of the problem. I researched some home remedies and decided to use Listerine(I bought generic brand and it worked the same) after I poured Listerine in a baggie that contained live bugs. The bugs stopped moving the instant the Listerine was poured on them. That was enough for me. I treated the whole house by saturating our heads with the mouthwash and covering with a shower cap for at least 2 hours. I did myself first to make sure it doesn't. All it does is tingle. When I washed our hair the tub was polluted with bugs. I did a vinegar rinse to dissolve the glue that attaches the nits. Then I washed our hair with tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. The nits were much easier to comb out. I plan to wash our hair with listerine every other day for the next two weeks to make sure we kill any live bugs that may have hatched. I also sprayed my house with a mixture of tea tree oil and water.

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