Is lookin for some encouragement I did 5k walk 4 cancer research in June who thinks I cud do a 10k walk in June Again this yr 4 cancer?


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Its very admirable here you doing this for a great cause. Can I ask if you yourself have cancer?  You don't have to answer if you don't want to as I was just wondering as if you did, then its really awesome that you can do this. I know cancer is horrible and Ive lost many family including my parents to it and I just wish that with people like you and others doing events like this, they would be more motivated to find a cure  and eliminate it completely. You are a very special person here for doing what you believe in and I know youll accomplish this because people like you just do and nothing ever stops you. I just hope the weather cooperates with you and people like you make me proud for the sacrifices Ive made for the American people. Good luck and God bless
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No Arthur I dnt av cancer myslf but I did it last year with no 1 there to watch me no1 supporting but after ppl were so proud of me. I got a medal for it. I only started last yr never dun it b4 now. Thank u Arthur and I live in the uk I read ur comment the otha day r u gunna really leave blurtit? We think ur an inspiration and we'd all miss u. I think ur amazin I've been on ere 3 mnths ur brill.
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If you can do 20-25 minute miles ,then there is no reason you can't complete 10 k in about 4-4 1/2 hours.even if it takes 30 minutes a mile you can still finish in 5 hours. Basically walking it.

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