How Do You Know The End Of Life Is Near For A Patient With Stage 4 Lung Cancer?


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Only one week
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I don't believe in "staging the End of Life" is the 'staging of cancer' sister-in-law was told that chemo would have to be stopped after 2 years of massive doses for 'endometrial cancer' which seems to have metastasized to her lungs and liver. When the doctor 'gave up' on chemo, she seems to have given up too. I believe in fighting an illness with any and all 'alternative medications' that are out there, and to never give up! Doctors cannot prescribe alternative med's since they are not approved by the FDA, but after all isn't that where the 'FDA drugs' get started...with chemicals and natural products' so who is to say they won't work. I think the mind is a powerful thing, and if you set your mind to fight any illness, I think it is much better than just giving up. Just my opinion...non-medically speaking!

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