Everybody Thinks I Am A Very Happy Person Because Thats What I Try To Act Like Around People. I Laugh A Lot And Smile But Really I Am Depressed. I Don't Know What To Do. No Matter What I Try I Can't Seem To Express Myself?


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It can be very tempting to put on a smile and a happy face, even if you don't feel like smiling, when around friends and family. You mentioned that you may have trouble expressing yourself. Perhaps what you mean is that you are a little uncomfortable showing your emotions, or sharing your feelings with others. Some people are quite simply more quiet and reserved than others. Nevertheless, if you feel depressed, or melancholy on a regular basis, you really do need to try to share your feelings with someone who will lend an ear and you may find that simply telling someone else of your worries, or problems, will help lift your spirits. The danger for some people who choose to keep all this to themselves is that their daily activities, their work and relationships are all affected by this depression and some try to solve these problems by taking medications.

Don't forget that your family and friends do not always expect you to be perfectly chipper. Everyone has problems now and again and the best solution is to confide in someone you trust. If you have a best friend, try to open up with him/her and discuss some of your concerns. A true friend is there to listen and offer encouragement, so try not to be too self-conscious and don't worry that you are putting a burden on someone else. If you do not feel comfortable talking to a friend, visit your school's counsellor if you are a student, talk to your teacher, or a professor, or if you belong to a local church (and even if you do not) contact the pastor and just ask him or her to sit down with you. All of these people should be willing to listen, and none of them will charge a fee.
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First off, don't try to hide any more, most people feel down and depressed at some point. You are pretending of course, but they don't know they you aren't super happy.

Why not tell a close friend how you feel. Or write them a letter or an email, or give them a call. You can always go along to a doctor to talk to them about how you feel, depression is normal and it would be great for you to ensure yourself that it is normal and that there are things that can help. You are not alone, many of us feel this way and overcome it and you can too.

A bit of patience and faith in yourself. Try to make sure that you eat well, rest and relax the best that you can and make sure that you can get some exercise. Do whatever it takes to break out of it, do some nice things for yourself.

Counseling can help or just writing your feelings down can also help too.
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Being happy or depressed depends upon the perception of you towards your life. Be what you are, don't try to pretend either way.
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The fake happiness, is called a 'depression mask', we don't want others to know, so we hide behind false smiles.
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Depression is an illness which can lead to suicide and or drug addiction.  Been there, done that.  There are certain prescribed medications that can relieve certain symptoms, but coming to the realization that you have a problem is a good sign.  Don't 'put on a happy face' if you are not happy.  A group therapy session or two is a good thing to find out you are not the only one with the symptoms.

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Just be true to your self!! Try to work things out, solve the problem that bothers you much.. Ok?

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