How Do You Get Rid Of Spots?


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Spots mar the beauty of our face and dull the complexion. But there are several natural and other techniques of getting rid of spots entirely without a trace. There are many creams and lotions available in the market but it is preferable to resort to natural techniques than rely on any of the lotions and creams. Put toothpaste on your spots and they would get rid of these spots very fast and easily.

Tea tree oil is also a very effective remedy for spots. Most of the times, acnes, pimples and spots occur due to body imbalance. Therefore regulate your diet properly and use them as a remedy for spots. This is the healthiest and long lasting remedy for spots. Drinking a lot of water is also very helpful. Cleaning your skin properly and regularly so that your pores get cleared up also helps to prevent the occurrence of spots.
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Put some toothpaste on for at least 10-20 minutes, then rinse off carefully. Leave your spot for 15 minutes, then put some more toothpaste on. It works really well!
By the way, it depends on what kind of skin you have as it may take longer on different skin types
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Pop them and then , don't put makeup on if you do , it helps all kinds of skin, I have spots now because I put makeup on but I get rib of them by toothpaste and it does work really well but it hurts, or you could just leave them like I do most of the time but pop them first it really does work I wouldnt lie to you trust me !! Xx
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I don't get that many spots but when I do they sure stick there.
Recently,I've found that putting some hot water in a sink , then putting my face in it,for about 20 secs .. Then rinsing with cold STRAIGHT AFTER,does the trick! TCP doesn't work that well .. But it's quite good ... I reccommend using home remedies,they work better than Simple  , Elemis .. All those don't work great.
Lemon / Lime on the spots works wonders. I HATE SPOTS ! LOL ! AGH :)

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