How Do You Get Rid Of Asthma?


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One of my friends suffer asthma in his early childhood, but since he started playing basketball which is an exercise. His sickness, simply gone away. Maybe exercise is one of the key steps to cure one's asthmaticism.
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No,asthma can never go away;but with proper management you can live a full,normal, energetic life. I have asthma and it doesn`t stop me from carrying out daily (and extra-curricular) activities.Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder due to swelling,inflammation and bronchospasm(narrowing) of the bronchial tubes(airways)in the lungs.The main symptons are coughing ,wheezing,shortness of breath(breathlessness or difficulty in breathing) and tightness in the chest.Medication is usually given in an inhaler(or puffer)presumably through a spacer etc...(I could go on all night!)To cut a long story short,asthma is a chronic(long term) condition that never fully goes away. However ,with good medication ,monitoring etc you can live a normal life! Hope this helps!
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Asthma can not be cured but controlled with proper management. There are two treatments of asthma, long-term control and quick-relief medications.

The first things you can do in asthma management is environmental control. The second thing is to monitor lung function. The third thing is to manage asthma involving the use of medications. For complete details about prevention and treatment of Asthma, click here
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To treat asthma, apart from garlic or coffee, oregano can help greatly. Oregano is loaded with a large number of flavonoids, carvacrol and terpenes that can aid in cleansing the lungs and thereby reducing the symptoms of asthma attacks.

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I think you all need to look harder instead of simply believing what is supposed to be fact I'm sure there is a cure most people simply do not know were to look!!!

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