Sally Lives With Her Mother. She Wants An HIV Test But Is Afraid Her Mother Or Her Employer Will Somehow Learn The Results, Especially If They Have To Be Report To Health Officials. Sally Should?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
Sally should go to a clinic where she can have more anonimity and express her concerns before having test done. Most employers don't have time to check records of all employees and it should not matter. If she is let go due to this she can sue. As well, if she is not of age, I believe there are some clinics that can assist with this as well in keeping it confidential. Better to be tested than sorry as there are so many new medical advances, if sally waits too long she may get too sick to be helped
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Arif Mahmood answered
If she is classed as adult then without her consent her results can not be declared to any one, it is an offence.

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