I Have Endometriosis And The Pain Is Starting To Drive Me Crazy. I Hurt All The Time, It's So Bad Sometimes I Will Even Cry Myself To Sleep. Has Anybody Else Ever Been Like This?


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I'm now 61, but my pain started with my first period when I was 15, but my endometriosis wasn't diagnosed until I was over 30, and by then it was too late to do any hormonal therapy, and I had a full hysterectomy.

I know how bad the pain is. I went through two pregnancies with this disease, and I thought I was going to die from the pain. My docs at the time also made me think it was in my head. They couldn't find what was causing the pain, so it obviously was my fault.

NO!!! Get a different doctor. Do research on the web about your condition, and then call your local doctor referral agency to find a doc who is an expert in that field.

Keep trying to find the right doctor, so you don't have to go through years of pain and the often withering contempt from medical 'professionals' as well as family and friends. I was made to feel like a total slacker, because I couldn't take care of my second son due to the pain. I was a 'bad mother' who just didn't care. NO!!!

After my hysterectomy, the pain was gone, and I could be a human again and do everything I wanted to do. But I would have preferred some kind of better therapy rather than surgery. Get VERY aggressive, and don't let doctors tell you there's nothing that can be done.

Try the New York Endometriosis Clinic at 1-888-436-3637 for referrals and treatment options. Also check out this link: Endometriosisassn.org - they have a lot of information on their site including treatment options.
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I'm glad that someone know what I'm going thru. I feel like sometimes no one will take you serious. You know your body and you are the only one that knows how you feel so when you tell your Dr. Something he should take you serious. I don't want to have a hysterectomy because I'm not married and I don't have any children and I am scared if I have a hysterectomy I will find someone and I know then I will not be able to have children. Anyway my Dr. Has told me that doing a hysterectomy was not my answer right now. Right now I just try to take one day at a time and when I feel good I do what i want to do and when I don't feel good I just stay at home by myself and curled up on the couch watching TV and if I want to cry I just do it, sometimes thing like this make me feel some better.
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If you are feeling like you do then its time to get something done fast!! There are a few options but surgery is most likely needed in your case.. In younger women who still are wanting to have children there is a surgical treatment tends to be conservative with the goal of removing endometrial tissue and preserving the ovaries without damaging tissue.. In women that have already had children or don't choose to have any then I would consider a hysterectomy / removal of the ovaries.. It take 6 weeks to recover after surgery but the pain and discomfort should be gone!! Contact your doctor and see whats best in your case! Hope you feel better and good luck! :)
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You need to consult your doctor on either strong painkillers or face the other option of surgery !!  An ex partner of mine had same thing and was in a lot of pain till finally she asked the doctor to get a hysterectamy arranged and 6 weeks after operation most if not all her pain and discomfort was gone and she had keyhole surgery too so no major scarring
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On one hand, this makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one, too. I am saving up to go to a doctor to be tested for this. My mom had it, and now my periods are so heavy (think 3-4 extra heavy nighttime pads each day...if I use tampons, I have to change a super every 2 hours, min. And it's been that heavy since I started menstruating when I was 11 or 12...) and painful, it's sometimes unbearable and makes me sick to my stomach (literally). I've always had painful ones, but a couple years ago was 'diagnosed' with PCOS, too... Months after that, they started getting worse and worse. Now I wonder if it was a misdiagnosis, because this pain is more than anyone I've talked to with Pcos and only gets worse each month. I'm 19 now, and have some days where I literally can't move. No amount of painkillers helps, and all I can do is curl up and a ball and feel like screaming. I actually had to leave work early because of it, and my boss literally got mad at me, saying 'we all deal with cramps'...but she really doesn't understand! Anyways, hopefully I can see a doctor about it in fall, but I definately won't have the money or the PTO built up to do it before then....Plus I'm dealing with trying to save to have my wisdom teeth (also pretty painful, but nothing compared to this pain) removed. From experience, after a laparoscopy, does the pain at least ease up a little? And are their other risks involved if I can't get help soon? I already have a very weak immune system, too...I seem to be cursed with a myriad of general health/reproductive health issues.... :(
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I have this all the time. I was only diagnosed a little over a month ago. I am in so much pain right now I've been crying off and on for the last hour or so since this pain started (which is how I found this page bc I'm trying to find out what I can do to make it less.) I have taken vicodin and am hoping it makes it better in just a little whilIe. I don't know what they have done for you already but my doctors have given me depo-lupron in order to put my body into a menopausal state (obviously bc the endo. Needs hormones) and in may I am having surgery to try to take out the remaining active part of the disease. You might want to ask a doc if they can also do a laperoscopy for you. Hope this helps.

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