My Son Was Hit With A Small Stone In The Eye What Can I Do To Relieve Soreness And Red Eye?


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Hold a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a dishtowel on his eye. If he has blurred vision, double vision,or any eye changes, take him to the eye dr asap. Best wishes.
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If there is no blurry vision, double vision, or visible foreign body in the eye, use cool compresses (wet wash cloth from the refrigerator) and use frequent artificial tears. The tears will help wash out any debris and help the eye to restore its natural tear film. You can get cheap tears from Walmart brand they are pretty good. You can also buy tears gel which you use at night to lubricate the eye it is a thick gel and feels cool to the eye. If he has ANY decrease in vision or continues to have soreness which could be a foreign body, get him to an ophthalmologist.Do not use visine as it has antihistamine products and will make the eye dryer, inducing rubbing and in turn cause redness
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GO now to the hospital I had this try fix it yourself thing by my mum when I was a kid and nearly ended up blind.

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