How Do I Get Over Being Insecure/depressed?


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The feelings of insecurity are feed to us not only by our own psychological errors but are also instilled into us by way of society. It is time for us to take a stand against this dangerous phenomenon and look at the person in the mirror. I have learned to tell myself that today is a good day. It is a day that I could not have made it to see like so many that have gone before me. If I waste today I might as well waste away. I love myself and all that I offer. I am not perfect but I am good enough. If not for anyone else I am good enough for me. Today will be another hard journey towards loving me more but anything worth having is worth fighting for. Like peace of mind and self confidence. I will concentrate on being healthy. Which means I will take care of my mind, body, emotional needs, and spiritual needs. I will put me first and not neglect myself. I will not compare myself to another nor will I compete. I am my own person. I belong to me and no person can take my happiness away but me. When I feel myself leaning left I will straighten my back and hold my head up high. I will love not only myself but my fellow man. I will live for today and strive to move forward. Wear a smile like you would armor. The fight within is a like a flame feed by oxygen. It only takes and feed off of what you give it. Take control and say enough is enough. You cannot and will not be happy until you do. And remember you are here for a reason. So smile and be happy and be healthy. Don't give up or give in you are too special for that.
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Depression affects millions of people in the usa alone. The best approach to tackle depression and some of the things you are feeling, is to see a psychologist. With a combination of anti depression medications, and psyco therapy. As fruitless as things my seem, you can feel better and return to a normal life. In the meantime, try exercising, reading, or anything that helps to get your mind of the thought of being depressed. There is a lot of hope, so hang in there.
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Go out and do something you enjoy :) have fun enjoy life like it should be enjoyed :D

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