What Is Meant By Depression?


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Some of the key characteristics of depression include feeling:

• self-disparaging
• dispirited, gloomy, blue
• convinced that life has no meaning or value
• pessimistic about the future
• unable to experience enjoyment or satisfaction
• unable to become interested or involved
• slow, lacking in initiative

A free depression, anxiety and stress test is available online to measure these negative emotional states and help you to define and identify what you are feeling. This test is not a replacement for medical help however is a good starting point to understanding your emotions. The test is available at
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A person has high emotions and low emotions. Low emotions are like grief-feeling sad, crying. Apathy-just don't care anymore, don't feel anything. Anyone can be sad and get happy again, but when one is sad a lot or is always sad, this is considered depression. A healthy stable person can be sad if there is a good reason, but will get over it quickly and be happy again or at least interested in life and feels good about life. Illness can make one feel depressed, someone upsetting you a lot will most certainly cause you to feel bad, especially when you think there is nothing you can do about this person. When you can get away from this abusive person or even stand up to this person you will start feeling better again. Drugs are never an answer to depression, because drugs are always harmful and do not handle the problems one has and makes someone less able now to deal with and handle future problems. B-Complex vitamins help and taking walks looking at things as you walk. Spotting who the abusive person in your life is and what they are doing to make you sad is helpful and handling them or getting away from them can be a cure.

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