What Does Depressed Mean?


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Depressed literally means lower than previously. It is flattened down state by pressing from above. It is a form of the word depression. This word is used in various context but the most common usage is when it is used to describe a person who is in very low spirits and unhappy. When a person is feeling disheartened and downcast due to some reason then he is said to be depressed. In medical terms depression is a state of chronic sadness and a feeling of worthlessness. A person who is going through this phenomenon is said to be depressed. It is considered as a psychological disorder and should be treated on time to avid further problems.

But this term is also used to denote other things like depressed mortgage; a financial term, and is used in phrases like "the market is depressed and "the rates are 'depressed" which is used in an entirely different context.
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For me it means being sad or just plain 'not happy' for more than a couple days. I've been 'not happy' for more than two years.
I'm fourteen.
It might not be because of something that happend to you (example : A death or moving far away) sometimes its just in your genes.
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Depressed means you are hopeless,feeling lazyness every think goes to negative side..

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