Which of these is not a symptom of major depression?


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In other words which things do not equal a depressed person? I think this is what you're asking.. I can say that everyone feels sad or down at times. This is normal. Our world considers "normal sadness" to be like when a person has a good solid reason to grieve, or feel bad. Like when a loved one dies, or you fail an important test in school, or someone treats you unfairly. There is a 'standard set of emotions' and behaviours that medically have been determined O.K to experience as a person goes along recovering from lifes set backs. Depression and the diagnosis of it, seems to be applied to people who stay sad for way longer than they are supposed to when a difficulty comes their way. When sadness effects your judgement greatly and for a long time, this is often referred to as 'depression'. Really bad depression can effect your physical being. But normal sadness does seem to follow a set course of predictable patterns that in time finally go away enough that the person hurting can go back to normal life again. I hope I have answered O.K.??

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