What Is The Best Way Of Treating Blood Blisters?


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It's cheaper to show your pharmacist & ask him/her; than it is to go to the doctor. My usual self treatment is similar to most here. Thoroughly clean with peroxide. Pierce with sterile needle on the side of it. Drain what's possible into a tissue. Then bandage, after plopping a good blob of neosporin or similar onto the wound. Let it be for a few days & take a look. If it gets worse...see a specialist. But usually it does go away if it isn't humongous.
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It depends on how big and where it is.
If it's small, under the skin and in a place
that doesn't bend or take pressure,
leave it alone.  If it's big and puffed up
And in a spot where it's likely to break
anyway( wash spot very well, first),
open one side of it, get rid of as
much blood as you can without doing
more damage. Most times, there'll be
a bit of airspace under the skin.  
Carefully, using a q-tip, ease some
Neosporin into that space, then cover
to protect..  
Broken blisters water and blood blisters
hurt because air is getting to it.
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You can visit a doctor...
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Poke with a fine needle and cleanse with peroxide. And cover with a bandage
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Depends on how bad the blister is.some you can just leave it alone and others may need to puncture with a sterile needle to relieve the pressure,but leave the skin over it to protect the area.then clean it and bandage it just like a open wound to keep it from getting infected.we had a guy in shop class smash his thumbs in a shear and they turned blue and swelled up like a balloon until the doctor pierced the thumbnail and released the pressure. Then about a week or two later his nails fell off.basically his tips of his thumbs were one big blood blister.it took months for his thumb nails to grow back.www.webmd.com
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Thanks Nomad.
Jewelly A. Shetka
Haven't done that with fingernails,
but I remember driving home after
ripping back the toenail of my right foot.
I was rearing sandles so you can imagine
what my foot, shoe and gas-pedal looked
like by that time.
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Leave it like it is. It will get cured it's own-self. If it is still giving pain than give it some warm or cold external application.
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Hi Keith.If it's a small blister,leave until dry and hard,then pick off " brilliant ".If it's large,best to see the surgery nurse,or GP
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I've Always Splashed It With Hydrogen Peroxide After I Pierced It With A Needle Dipped In More Peroxide.. The Pain Can Be Unreal.. Then I Put A Big Dab Of Neosporin On It.. If  It's Teensy Just Let It Be... But They Could Grow With Time..
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I always found that poking it with a needle and letting the blood out  and not messing with it afterwards always worked for me, but then again, duct tape is as good as stitches 9 out of 10 times.

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