How Do You Treat A Blood Blister On The Upper Eyelid?


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How do you treat a blood blister around your eye?  I scratched my eye this morning and then I looked in the mirror and there was what looked like blood blister by the corner underneath my eye.  I am not sure how to treat it.
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If you're talking about the little blisters that you get on the actual inside of your eyelid, right along the ridge where the upper lid meets the lower lid when they close, I get these all the time.
They're very irritating, & can make your eye feel hot, dry & just plain uncomfortable.
What I usually do is this;

Wash your hands carefully.
Make sure your eye is clean by flushing it with either eye drops or a mild saline solution.
Take a clean piece of lint free material, a rough-ish piece of cotton should do it.
Dip it into prepared saline solution - if you made one up as an eyewash, above, you can use the same one.
Hold your eyelid up & carefully but firmly wipe this piece of clean cloth along the area where the blister is.
This will usually burst the blister & allow it to begin healing over.
You eye will feel instantly better too.

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