What Is The Best Remedy For A Blister?


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Blisters which have been caused by friction, particularly from new shoes, will often heal within a week. If new shoes have caused the friction, then do not wear the same shoes for a few days.
If any shoes rub against the blister, then apply an adhesive plaster to minimise the friction.
Do not succumb to the temptation of bursting the blister, since this can cause infection. If the blister actually bursts on its own then you should expose it to air as much as possible, but try to keep it covered with a bandage to keep it clean. When at home and inside, try to let it breathe by removing the bandage.

To avoid further blisters it may be worth buying some heel insoles which will stop your shoes from rubbing your heels. Slightly stretching the shoes with a shoe tree can sometimes reduce friction as well. An old fashioned means of softening the leather is to place damp newspapers in the heel area for a couple of days (but this has mixed results).

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