I'm having this sharp pain in my Larynx (body part located in the throat) when I swallow,chew,cough, sneeze, talk, and laugh. I have no trouble breathing. Does anyone have any diagnosis. P.s. It's not cancer?


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Meta Forrest answered
Sounds as if you may have tonsilitis .  Best to see a doctor for medication . 
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Kindly consult your doctor immeditely. It can be any type of infection that may require intense treatment. The simplest is called soar throat. Usually a course of antibiotics  can solve the problem. If you know of some herbal cures. Go for it. Another treatment will be to apply vicks vaporub(TM) on your throat for external soothing. There is one  herbal product called JOSHAND( IN ASIAN COUNTRIES) if you can get hold of it  try it.

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