Has Any one experienced there guineapig having a tumor that has been diagnosed and not been able to remove please help i need answers, Thankyou?


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I have been keeping guinea pigs as pets for over twenty yrs.  I have had a couple guinea pigs with this problem, my very first guinea pig had it.  If the tumor is still small, they can remove it but it does cost a lot.  If you let it go too far, the tumor will grow, and then nothing can be done because there is not enough skin to close the wound.  The the skin around the tumor has to be removed as well.
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It Is To Big To Remove Its From His Throat Down To His bladder, The Specialist Vet Opened Him Up Burst A Few cists but couldnt remove it because it was attached to most of his organs.
Hes Only 3 so he must of had it for a while.
He said he would only try and remove it if he was in pain or werent eating because he would either die on the operating table of few days after in pain.
How long would you say he would live for. ?
Thanks .
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Are guinea prone to tumours??? Shud I get mine spayed.. I'm only 13 and I have 7 pigs I love them all... And sorry nothing can be done to make him live longer.. My rats had the same problem.. One of them dyed during the operation her tumour was the size of a tennis ball. The other rat survived... I would not recommend surgery.. Just love your guinea until his last moment.. Try not to handle him too much as this could be painful...

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