I Am Lost. Everything In My Life Is A Mess. I Have Been In The Hospital For Depression. I Have Prayed And Prayed For Help On How To Fix My Life, But I Do Not Get Answers. I Try To Just Believe That God Has A Plan, But It Is So Hard When You Pray And, Can You Help?


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If you ever need someone to talk to I am willing to listen :) Have you tried listening to Dave Ramsey  www.daveramsey.com  http://www.997wtn.com/  He has helped ma a lot.. You will fine plenty of people here to talk to who really care too :)
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When you are depressed, it is difficult to discern things. Your thinking is fuzzy. You might have to rely on proffessionals to help you get to the point where you can sort things out. God has a plan. He wants you to be well and Happy, you may need to take medication and do things that are prescribed or suggested to help yourself also. We all want to be in control of our life. However, when our mind is not functioning properly we need to trust those who's job it is to help us. Depression is a vicious cycle. The depressed person tends to isolate, isolation causes or worsens depression. Excersise and maybe medication may be proscribed, these things are hard when you are depressed, so you need to make extra effort to do what you can to help yourself by doing small positive things, and to accept guidance from proffessionals and others with experience in this area. God Bless You, and I hope you get to feeling better soon. Once the depression lifts, hope will shine again in your life....*p
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You I am lost too.  I have been arrested twice in the last year and a half and it feels like my life is spinning down the drain.  Everyday is hard to get out of bed and pretend like I am not miserable.  I am tired of being miserable.
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Hi buddy, do not be depressed. Praying is one thing which releases your depression. Believe in God, even I am the one who is depressed. The easiest way is to read books which help you boost your confidence. Walk outside in parks with friends. Try to remember your sweet days. Your parents and childhood is the sweetest one.

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Look I'm in the same boat I am a 22 year old college student that lives at home and off her parents who are about to lose everything they have ever work for I could be pregnant and  I'm scared I could be miscarrying cause I am bleeding not spotting but not heavy like  a period I also have no insurance let a lone money, my grades in school have drop I have no friends my boyfriend got station all the way in hawaii. I can't get a job not just because of the economy but because of my past. I was a drug addict for years and a alcoholic I got a oth out of the military due to drug abuse I am in the criminal justice major and I may not be able to get in that field.... Everyone has problems and yea life is hard  really hard but there is no reason to be depressed.. Look I use to be so depressed and then I met this guy who changed my life and everytime I was having a bad day he may be feel better he made me more positive. Life is to short worrying about the future that's why its the future and never give up faith God is good God is great and he will help you through everything and just for you to know we don't always get what we pray for And God never gives us something he don't know we can handle just believe ... Don't lose motivation and never give up stop drinking or using if you are cause your body is a temple.. Also go try to talk to a councilor I believe the health department  has  councilors also the police do too another thing  also if  you are thinking about suicide... Heres some things:T he Trevor Helpline, 866-4-U-TREVOR, is a free and confidential service that offers hope through its trained counselors. Also:        1-800-SUICIDE    1-800-273-TALK    1-800-784-2433    1-800-273-8255      I hope that helps if you ever need to talk just write back I will help good luck and god bless
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Depression is an insidious thing .. It is not something that should be treated lightly.  You need to educate yourself on how to treat your illness. 

Keeping faith in God will help you find peace and a sense of balance, even during your struggle with a debilitating disorder like depression.  Just don't under estimate how the brain functions.  You have take proactive steps to getting well .. Take your meds, eat right, exercise and do your best to live a balanced lifestyle.

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The way I understand 'the plan' is not a planned out event calendar that itemizes our lives as indivuals moment to moment .. It's much the same as any parents plan for their children. They provide the means by offering us basic needs .. and expect US to use what we learn along our way to navigate the world around us. The provide mentoring and morale support .. but they do not carry us throughout our lifetime .. There is a point where we need to walk on our own two feet.

Granted, your travels may be challenged more than some because of depression .. but rest assured you are not alone. There are MANY who suffer from depression and seek help from the medical profession .. not JUST God. Praying to God for a miracle cure is going to prove disapointing .. Faith and prayer just doesn't work like that. YOU have to take the initiative to find the means of getting help for your illness .. from typical means like your own Doctor for starters.

God is there, always .. to help us get along..but, WE also have to do OUR part in finding our way to what ever challenges us.
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There is a God. Everyone goes through those moments in life where they feel like they can't take it no more. But God will help you because he wouldnt let anything happen to you that you couldnt handle. So even though it's hard to pray. Try , it doesn't even have to be a long prayer. Just Pray and he will find a way to get you out of your current situation.

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There is no god. We are dealing with life hand to hand. You will either make it or you will not. Surviving is a matter of adjusting, overcoming and progressing.
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You know. Maybe religion is not what she needs.
Maybe advice that doesn't include relying and being dependent upon a "higher being" is beneficial to her situation.
That will make her feel like things are out of her control. And she will either be reliant on a non-existant(at least physically) thing. And just allow her problems to worsen through this dependency and by not feeling the need to change anything. "Jesus gon'na work it out!" lol

Or... This will just coax her into loathing her religion because she will find that "God" or "Jesus"
doesn't fix problems. We do. Any she will probably end up having animosity towards that religion- for making her waste all of her years depending on a false idea when she could've been actually accomplishing things. Animosity towards that religion for perpetuating the idea that "Jesus gon'na work it out". Lol

Sry. Yes. I can relate. Agnostic Baby.

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