What Is The Longest Life Span Of A Person On Dialysis, Anyone That You Know Or Have Known?


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No-one can accurately determine the life expectancy of someone on dialysis. Major breakthroughs over the last 20 years have given many  a long and good life. I personally know of several people who have been on dialysis for 10 and 20 years. A lot has to do with co-present illnesses. There are options too. I researched this for any sign of premature death due to dialysis and haven't found a one. So sis, the chances of a person living a significant and worthwhile life are better than ever and getting better by the day. Hugs to you, my sister by another mother, Love....Penny [ps]. The biggest threat to life with dialysis, is cardiac arrest, so if you know someone on dialysis, tell them that diet and exercise are very important in preventing this. Many people on dialysis, live a completely sedentary lifestyle, which we know is not good for us.
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Thank you Sis, I thought age had something to do with it also because of infections, what I'm looking at is not consoling to me, because my sister is on has been on but the infections, I knew of a young man that was on and he is now deceased but I chalked it up as his having hepititis prior to, but my sister seems to be suffering from this, so evidently they have not put to use what they have come across in the last 10 or so years it may also be the techs.....HUGS
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Watching my Sister,I think I would refuse to go on it......
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I have had diabetes for 32 years and i have been on dialysis for 9 years. Im also a single parent. I feel great have a positive attitude and watch what you eat it helps.

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