How Long Can You Live With Kidney Failure And Stage 4 Cervical Cancer?


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A person suffering from kidney failure has a lifespan which is dependent on the age, other medical and health conditions, as well as medication and treatment. Meanwhile, a person suffering from stage 4 of cervical cancer usually has 15 to 20% five year survival rate.

Kidney failure is a medical condition where the kidneys stop working to perform its primary function like cleaning the body from toxins and waste products. This is a lasting damage to the kidney which varies from slight to critical. People suffering from kidney failure usually undergo dialysis or kidney transplant. Additionally, prompt treatment can help in slowing down the impairment. With the advancement in medicine ranging from the medication to dialysis machines, kidney patients tend to live longer compared to 40 years ago. Furthermore, the involvement of the patient is helpful in managing the kidney disorder.

On the other hand, cervical cancer is the second most widespread cancer type which hit women, next to breast cancer. Cervical cancer is caused by "high-risk" human papilloma virus (HPV). Most women may acquire a high risk HPV means it is a cancer causing virus at least once in their life time. For some women, the virus remains in their bodies for longer period of time, as such, risk of cervical cancer is enhanced.

Stage 4 is the final stage of this kind of cancer. At this stage, the cancer has already left the pelvis and it has an effect on the other organs. This stage is divided into 2 classifications. The first is commonly known as Stage 4A where the disease is limited to the pelvis and the surrounding organs. Conversely, in Stage 4B the cancer has spread out to organs away from the pelvis. Regrettably, only Stage 4A has known treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Meanwhile, medicines can only lessen the pain and symptoms of Stage 4B.

Having either of these sicknesses is unpleasant, but owe to modern technology and medical innovation, there is hope in overcoming them.

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