Once You Are Jaundice From Liver Cancer How Long Will Survice?


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Since we are not a medical authority we are unable to provide a sound answer to this question. It would be best to speak with a physician or GP to determine the answer to your question.

  • There are many factors to how long a person can survive even with a disease such as liver cancer.
Jaundice can be a sign that the patient is worsening and that they are unable to fight the disease. Jaundice is caused by billrubin, which is usually found in red blood cells. When these cells become old they will be destroyed. The hemoglobin where iron is stored is supposed to carry oxygen and then the iron is removed during that phase. Billrubin can remain in the blood after the iron is removed and thus turn a person yellow.

The liver functions to produce bile that will help with digestion. When the liver is not working to remove toxins in the food and blood it can cause issues such as the lack of removal of billrubin thus turning a person yellow. Anemia can be an issue with those who are jaundiced. Gallstones can be another reason for a jaundiced patient.
Given that jaundice is somewhat related to the liver's function it can be a sign that the liver is unable to remove the toxins from the body and therefore a move to do so with medications or dialysis may be needed.

A doctor can treat the issue of jaundice in a patient to try and control the issue. Patients who have a will to live and do not want to be beaten by cancer can sometimes live longer than others. This is why it can depend on the patient. It is also why you should seek a physician's advice if you are concerned about someone or just wish to know.
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It really depends on the person.  My step mothers brother just died from Colon cancer yesterday.  The colon cancer metastasized throughout his body and his liver began to shutdown.  He lived about 4 days after we noticed the Jaundice, but he was already on hospice before that.
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By now (two months after you posted the question) you may already have your answer in this case, and I offer condolences to you.

Liver failure means death, but jaundice pain and itching only mean the liver is highly distressed, not necessarily failed.

But it is different with every person, even once you fully expect someone to die imminently. I knew a man who had almost total heart failure and went into Hospice care expecting to die right away, but lived on for another year and a half. I knew a woman whose lung cancer came back and she was given two months to live; she wrapped up her life affairs, moved from Detroit to San Francisco to be with her sisters, then was astonished to live well, free of symptoms, for two more years, after which she suddenly passed away. On the other hand, I knew a young woman whose metastasized breast cancer was slowly killing her over a period of years; one day she woke up jaundiced-looking so went straight to the doctor and learned she was in liver failure, and within a day or two she had died.

Make sure your loved one with liver problems has looked into adding natural remedies to support his or her liver, such as Milk Thistle herb capsules, MSN powder, NAC, and so forth.
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That all depends on the patient.

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