Do Needles Hurt?


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They can hurt, it all depends on where on your body the needle is going, it it is a tattoo, then it will become a continuous annoying feeling, as long as it isnt near the bone. If you are getting a needle in your arm, it should feel like a slight pinch. Should be over in no time!
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I have never had a needle that did not hurt, some people are more tolerant of pain than others is the main reason that they say it does not hurt,trust me it hurts I could never be a addict that uses a needle to get high, I also pray that I never get diabetes's, especially with the pricking to check sugar level or the daily insulin shot, I don't think I could make it......the best to you
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The big ones do but not the little ones
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It hurts but it all depends on where the needle goes.
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Sometimes needles do hurt. It mostly depends on your weight and where they go into.
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Needles do hurt if it is a tattoo, if from the doctors office then just a little pinch, maybe a little sting... Not bad at all...
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I don't believe inanimate objects can feel...
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You didn't seem to finish your answer
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You have to re read the question and think about it(my answer )you will get it.....
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Some do but after i had 2 needles in my arm i climbed a firemens pole and it didn't it only hurts if you don't use your arms

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