How Do You Get Rid Of A Ingrown Toenail?


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You can go to the Doctor and they can cut it out! If you can, this is what I do as the pain is the same and the cost much less. Go to a beauty supply and buy some good fine tipped nail trimmers. They are like little pliers with sharp ends. Also buy a good metal nail/cuticle tool. It is like a pencil but with different tools on either end, ask the people there and they will help you. Then get some cuticle remover. Go home and after your shower or bath, put the cuticle remover on you toe nails and let it soak in, maybe a couple of times. Then gently using the scissors/trimmers start at the side of the toe nail and gently work the trimmers down until it starts to hurt. Stop and clip, and keep clipping until you can get what you can out of the toe and side. It will probably bleed so have some alcohol and cotton balls and do as much as you can take. It may take a week or two for this initial part to feel as if you can do it again. You just keep at it and you will be surprised how much flesh and nail you will remove. Eventually, depending on you threshold you will get it out and if you keep up the maintenance will never suffer again. I have to do this at least once a month and it really makes a big difference. Also cut your nails straight across as opposed to in a circle or oval shape. The side will tapper out with the top being the most narrow. My daughter had the surgery at first and always commented on my little procedure, now she is a believer!
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I would suggest going to the doctor. I thought I got rid of my ingrown nail by myself, but I actually ended up making it much worse. The doctor basically just sticks a needle in your toe to freeze the area(it's painful), and pulls the toenail off-- when I had it removed today they took the entire nail, the last time I had it done, they only took off half of it... It's hurting a lot at the moment, but they said it should feel a lot better in the coming days.

Again, I suggest anyone who thinks they have an ingrown toenail to go see a doctor. More often than not you're only going to do more harm to the area, causing more and more pain... On top of the pain, taking care of yourself could cause infection, which only hurts more.
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I have had my infected ingrown toenail for 2 months, it hurts really bad. My dad says I need to go to the doctor but I refuse. I HATE NEEDLES. So I have no idea what to do. I hear that the needle hurts really bad. I tried to remove it but I did it the wrong way and now its really swollen, red, and infected. WHAT DO I DO? It hurts so so bad. P.S. I also like a guy but he is in the 8th grade and I'm in the 6th. I was up for 2 hours texting him what do I do about that do I tell him I like him or let him just find out.
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You could go to a podiatrist like I did I had surgery to remove mine because if I did not they would keep coming back..I even had one that grew through my toe and came out the other side...ewwww to much info..basically they have to kill off the root so it won't come back...

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