How Do You Stop A Stutter In One Night Without Getting Therapy?


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Stuttering  is actually a increased speed in vocabulary.
Slow down your thinking before you speech.
This is usually caused by to much carbohydrates.
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I was thinking the same thing. :D slow down your speech...might help, can't hurt!!
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Either say what you want to say in a
sing-song voice or use headphones.
In many cases, a person who stutters has
almost a fear of hearing their own voice.
That can be eased somewhat by singing
the words rather than speaking them.
With headphones  on, you have something
to buffer your voice and gives you something
else to pay attention to.
Sometime this works and sometime it doesn't
You might try it.
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I've never heard of that happening, but it might be self-hypnosis.
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Just speak slowly^_^
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Wjthunder is absolutely correct! You just need to not think so much!
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I don't know because I never heard of anyone doing it, but I  don't know anyone who stutters; so I don't have any experience.
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You can't Brav0zulu.My sister had a stutter ALL her life.She tried every therapy,cure, hypnosis,and treatment available to her.Nothing worked.She ended up reclusive,drinking,and then dead.DON'T try any thing drastic,it won't work
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Talk More SLLOOWWLLY   Breathe Deeply  Maybe If You Hum Or Sing The Words ?? Singer  Mel Tillis . Quite A Stutterer  But Not When He Sings

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