I Always Seem To Get Heartburn Really Late At Night. How Can I Stop This From Occurring?


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Heartburn can really cause a lot of problems late at night for many people. There are some things you can try to eliminate the problem however, including working out before you eat your last meal. Many people choose to exercise after their last main meal and this is where things go wrong. Exercising on a full stomach triggers heart burn and it may not go away for quite a while once you have got it.

Do not snack after your main meal either, or at least never after 8:00pm. This is because the body needs at least three hours before it can empty itself before bedtime. If you do have any leftover food in your stomach, it is always better to sleep on your left side. This is because the oesophagus is in the right side of the body and if you lie on that, it could cause any left over food to push onto the opening of the oesophagus, which could lead to heartburn.
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First, try not to eat too close to bed time. You may need to avoid spicy foods at supper. Some people do ok with their head and chest elevated while sleeping although i think that sounds a little un comfy. I have had good luck with over the counter acid reducer meds and even a small glass of milk helps me. But I do not have it too bad either. God bless
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Try taking aloe Vera every day, It has helped me and many people I know with any kind of stomach problem from acid reflux to IBS(irritable bowel syndrome). Its bitter tasting on its own so you can mix it with another juice or try it has aloe Vera pomegranate and is very tasty.

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