If someone is very angry and depressed what's the best thing they should do?


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While medication can help in the short term , you really need to address the problems that are making you feel that way .  Speaking to a professional counsellor can help give you the answers, that you sometimes can't see staring you in the face .  I hope you feel well soon .
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Sometimes listening to rock music helps... Left outside alone by anastasia...its not me by 3 doors down...its my life by bon jovi... Boulevard of broken dream by greenday (my favorite) (there r tons of songs like this) don't know if u'd like them but they help me get over my anger (most of the time)... Never take ur anger out on others cause they'll always remember that and it'll make u look like the bad guy. Oh and maybe try talking to someone who gets u... I hope this helped :)
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Listen to some good music (mine's rock music), take a shower, or go for a run/cycle. I usually listen to music and go for a run. It helps me release the anger. Also, i sometimes call up and talk with my best friend. It really helps.
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Smash things. That always calms me down and oh, i like taking my anger out on my brothers, not very nice i know but they know by know when they shouldnt be in my way=)
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I asked this question because you were angry remember? I am helping you get over this depresion..........................
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Oh yeah, thanks=)
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See im nice

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