How long does stomach flu last for?


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Stomach flu?  I thought a flu virus affected a lot of the body and not just the stomach. But any flu virus lasts a good week to weeks before u feel yourself again.
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When I had it, it was only a few days. Although when I looked it up, the web site said it could last up to a week.
My stomach felt crampy like it was 'that time of the month' but I'd had a hysterectomy. I got diarrhea and I was cold. I felt like I had no energy to do anything, but when I was lying down I was restless.
The stomach flu is actually not a flu at all. Its actually gasterenteritis. It mimics flu symptoms that's why its imformally called the stomach flu.
It should only be a few days or a week. If you get a fever or if it lasts longer, see a Dr.
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Gastro-entertitis usually lasts for around one week if treated with antibiotics and other medication.

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