I have both low blood pressure (88/55) and low hb (10.2)... Is it dangerous? What are the causes and what should I do?


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Both a low blood pressure (hypotension) and low haemoglobin count can have a number of causes, symptoms and treatments. Some of these are easy to explain and can be helped at home, but if in doubt you should always ask your doctor for further advice.

Low blood pressure

Potential causes of low blood pressure-

• Your level of exercise. If you exercise regularly, you're likely to have a lower resting blood pressure than those who don't. This is usually a sign of healthiness.

• Your situation. If you've just eaten, are taking your blood pressure at night or are in a warm environment, your blood pressure is likely to fall naturally.

• Stress levels. Typically, a lower blood pressure means low levels of stress and higher levels of relaxation.

• Medication. Some medicines may affect blood pressure, you can check this easily in their packaging.

• Some illnesses. Although it is much more likely to have low blood pressure due to every day causes, it can be a symptom of some illnesses such as heart disease.

All of the 'every day' causes tend to indicate positive things about your lifestyle, but if you are experiencing negative symptoms related to low blood pressure, such as dizziness, here are some things you can try:

• Standing up gradually and avoiding standing for long periods of time
• Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration
• Avoid caffeine at night and limit your alcohol intake
• Include more salt in your diet.
• Eat smaller meals, more often.

Low haemoglobin count

It's important to note that a low haemoglobin count can be totally normal for some people, without any underlying cause.

If you feel that this isn't the case for you, the only way to tell is to make an appointment with your doctor. They will be able to conduct a full blood count test and tell you whether there are any signs or symptoms of an illness, and what this means for you.

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