What Causes Low Blood Pressure?


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Low blood pressure (Hypotension) can be either acute (of short duration usually due to external factors) or chronic (prolonged due to a longstanding disease or condition such as Addisons)

Acute factors can include, loss of blood, taking of narcotics r drugs to expand the blood vessels. Various traumas or anaphylactic shock due to a severe allergic reaction.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but may give you some pointers.
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There are many different, due to which low blood pressure is caused like, Dehydration, Heart failure, Heart attack, Changes in heart rhythm, Fainting, Anaphylaxis, Shock and Advanced diabetes.

Blood pressure basically is the pressure put forth at right angels towards the walls of the blood vessels. The force of the blood in supplementary vessels is lesser as compared to arterial pressure. Blood pressure values are commonly calculated in millimetres of mercury. Aerial blood pressure is most precisely calculated invasively by putting a cannula inside an arterial blood vessel and linking it to an electronic force transducer.

There are quiet few different invasive blood pressure monitors for shock, critical care and operating room application. Blood pressure factors are obtained in the monitor's microcomputer system.

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