okay, so I have a cold. plugged nose, headache, cough, and just recently my ear started hurting. like pretty bad. I'm worried. What could it be? Is it just part of my cold?


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Sometimes cold germs will settle in areas such as your ear causing an infection. This is normal. You're okay. But I would still have a doctor check it out because if it is an infection that's when he/she may have to give you an antibiotic. Please see your doctor. I hope you feel better soon. ☺

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It could just be a cold or severe allergies, but it can also be a sinus infection. I think it is time to see a medical professional. If you can't get in to see your regular doctor,  go to an urgent care or minute clinic. Also a hot shower with lots of steam will help relieve some of the pressure. 

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There's an accupressure point that might help.

Sit upright. On your left hand between your ring finger and your baby finger ...find a point just below that first horizontal palm line. Press your thumb into that area with your index finger applying pressure from the other side. Hold this pressure for about 60 seconds. Almost instantly you should start feeling your nose and ears drain.

Of course, if that ear pain lasts for more than a day and is accompanied with a fever....go see a doc.

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