Why am I so cross, livid, sad, confused and thinking of suicide or running away all the time?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

You are suffering from a mild case of depression due to everything in your life, not going as planned. You may need to seek a DRs help here before this gets any worse especially the suicidal thoughts. There is nothing wrong at all to seek medical attention as we all need help sooner or later , and the DRs can help you overcome this.  Good luck

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If you're feeling down or depressed - there is nothing wrong with seeking professional help.

Too many people dismiss these kind of feelings as "all in your head", but the reality is that there are often scientific and medical reasons for why you are feeling this way, and a medical or scientific treatment is 100% the most appropriate solution.

It's also worth noting that the desire to "flee" (and suicide is a type of fleeing) comes from your body telling you that it can't handle staying in this situation much longer. It is a warning sign that you should not ignore, so please seek help.

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