Is viral meningitis being cured after been hospitalized?


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Viral meningitis is a condition that can be treated, although it is vital to seek medical attention at once if you are experiencing symptoms.

Virals meningitis often runs its course on with the help of medication and rest, much like a common cold, so you should expect to make a full recovery after a period of discomfort.

But the reason that seeking medical attention is very important is that viral meningitis shares practically the same symptoms as bacterial meningitis which is far more serious.

What is meningitis?

Meningitis is an infection of the membranes surrounding the brain and spine.

The viral kind can be caused by a whole range of things, and is usually divided into mild and severe forms.

The severe kind will require hospital admittance, while mild meningitis can be treated through medication at home. Both are considered non-life threatening to healthy individuals.

However, urgent action is needed to rule out the possibility of bacterial meningitis.

Why is bacterial meningitis so serious?

Bacterial meningitis needs treatment straight away because it can cause poisoning of the blood (septicemia) and swelling of the brain: Both very serious conditions that have lasting or even fatal effects on the patient.

It is thought that 25% of patients that suffer bacterial meningitis will experience some form of medical complication.

These can range from loss of hearing through to partial or total vision loss. However, if caught early and treated with antibiotics, the outlook is more positive.

Here are two websites that I'd recommend checking out if you want to learn more about meningitis:

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