Are there any natural remedies to help me fall asleep? I do yoga and I avoid food and drinks with sugar or caffeine hours before bed, but I still toss and turn for three to four hours.


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Carl Green answered

What I try to do is aim for relaxation, rather than sleep. Otherwise I start getting anxious that I'm not asleep yet.

Breathing exercises can help. I've also recently started doing sit-ups before bed and I find that helps tire me out, even though my blood is pumping afterwards.

Pitch darkness is a prerequisite for me, and I leave my phone outside the bedroom.

If none of this works, then there are herbal-based remedies that actually work. I won't mention any here as I don't really like the idea of promoting this option, but a simple internet search should bring a few up.

Always go with a trusted brand or speak to a doctor for recommendations.

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