After weeks of unprotected sex with a female, I had a fever and pain behind my eyes and my lymph nodes were swollen in the neck but they went down. But the one at the back of my head went down but still I can feel it. Do I have HIV?


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If you've had a look at any of the other HIV-related questions on Blurtit, you might notice that are two major problems with trying to diagnose HIV online:

1. The initial symptoms are similar to so many other conditions (such as the common cold even). After a few weeks, the virus begins to lay dormant and symptomless - and can remain this way for years.

2. Although the internet can highlight "risk factors" that might identify a marginally higher probability of contracting the virus, the only way to be totally sure is to get tested.

With unprotected sex, there is always technically a possibility of catching a sexually transmitted infection.

But fever and swollen lymph nodes can be anything from glandular fever through to a local bacterial infection.

You also mention lymph nodes in your head? Do these actually exist??


You might be able to identify risk of infection based on your location:


But if you're genuinely worried, then the best thing to do is to get tested by a professional. Your mind won't be at ease until you do - no matter what anyone online tells you.

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