My eye started hurting like 2 - 3 days ago, i havent told no one, now it's throbbing and when i close it and put my finger on my eyelid and move it theres a bump there?


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I have gotten a piece of rust and a piece of wood on my eye. They were very, very small of course. It hurt really bad. Go to an eye doctor immediately. He removed the stuff from my eye. It did not hurt at all, but it felt worlds better real fast. :)
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Dylan Waugh
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Awesome but i gtg 2 skool tomorrow tryin not to miss so ill pass my grade im failing scince and most likley math (not pre - aldabra)
Adrian Masters
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Get some help with science and math. I barely squeaked past geometry. When i got to college i was taking Engineering Technical math 1. Geometry came back up. A very nice professor worked with me and i got a B+. Get some help. Don't take the bad grade.
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Sounds like you may have a piece of dirt or something trapped under your eyelid so try washing your eye out or pull upper eyelid down over lower eyelid and see it that gets rid of it
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That could be a stye that has formed under your eyelid as a result of infection and you should get it checked out by the doctor.
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Dylan Waugh
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Ive been tryin to deal with it bc i dont wanna have all the attention on me in class or somthin but it realy hurts
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Use eye drops ,it is Called an internal hordeolum, it is a more serious form of a stye or wash your eye with cold water at regular intervals (15 mts)

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