Why do people cut there self when there really depressed? I just don't get it.


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Okay firstly I can see how your thinking  , like why do people self harm , although you may think this is cowardly or stupid , it’s the persons choice , sometimes they do it to escape from the pain , to let out the pain , it’s a way that comforts them when they are angry, sad  , hurt etc.  Self harm can be due to many reasons and you shouldn’t judge someone because they are self harming , as they say , you don’t know their story Depression isn’t as easy to get out as you think , many people suffer depression from abuse , bullying , life problems/relationship problems , family problems and more , for you you probably don’t understand how much they have been through , you may think you are strong but a lot of people that self harm due to depression were once strong , I am someone VERY VERY against bullying and self harm and I always am here to be there for someone who is self harming or bullying , and although I haven’t been through as much as they have I understand im willing to listen , and I think that you should understand what they going through , don’t try to pry into they life because your curious things are secret because they aren’t to be told , unless they trust you , I think this isn’t their fault for self harming depression is like being very sad and powerless feeling a strong emotion of pain etc.. So instead try to help someone listen to them if they decide to tell you their story , be someone there to get them off the ground , ‘im fine ‘ is the most used word from people with depression or get them help

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Self harm releases endorphins in the body to many people, and endorphins are basically chemicals that cause you to feel happy/good.  When a cutter cuts herself/himself, and they do it repeatedly, they enjoy the feeling of the endorphins in their body, and come to believe it's the only way to feel that way.  I've been a self harmer for almost 2 years and when I do it, it's because I like the physical pain more than the emotional pain.  Cutters often do that, thinking physical pain will make the emotional pain go away for awhile.  That's not true, because it only creates more problems.  They then have trouble hiding the scars, and they continually do it whenever they are feeling stressed, and it becomes such a habit it becomes an addiction.

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A person in crisis may not be aware that they are in need of help or be
able to seek it on their own. They may also need to be reminded that
effective treatment for depression is available, and that many people
can very quickly begin to experience relief from depressive symptoms.

Source: Nichols Clinical Hypnotherapy

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