What are helpful things to say to help people with suicidal thoughts?


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This is a very complicated and hard question to exactly answer accurately , but depending on the person they are many things you can say to help them, firstly don’t say things like ‘ thing will get better you just gotta get through it ‘ , people with suicidal thoughts usually don’t care and ignore these , because really if they are having suicidal thoughts they are probably not feeling like they can just get out of it . You need to be patient with people with suicidal thoughts because really to inorder to help them you need to be there for them and not make them feel bad or even worse , try to be nice and assuring , don’t try to pity them  , well depending on the person if you say something like , ‘ you just need to get a life and live like seriously its just a small problem ‘ , you NEVER say that , that makes them feel even worse about themselves and as if you don’t understand at all , be compassionate and caring and show you actually care , and this well get them to maybe open up a bit and tell you their problems , sometimes we try to help people with suicidal thoughts but sometimes we realise how bad of a problem or situation or past they have had , and we need to respect that these suicidal thoughts probably weren’t created overnight , ask them , ‘ do you think it will get better?’ , if they say no , assure them that even though this has happened , it may seem impossible to live anymore or to keep going but I know that you deserve a better life  , even though you’ve had a tough long start , and maybe you don’t know what to do , I’m here for you , because what happened to you , you never deserved , but it happened and although you may not be able to get rid of all the memories ,pain , sadness , betrayal lies etc. We’re gonna get you through this …’ that’s for example , but if they really are not recovering or wanting to live anymore its important to inform her parents to get help for her/him.

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In all honesty, be a friend to them.  Be kind and encourage them to have the strength they need to move on, but DO NOT smother them, because they are in a very difficult period.  This question can be answered in dozens of ways.  If someone is suicidal, tell an adult or call someone IMMEDIATLY.  Don't take anything they say as a joke, take them seriously.  Talk to them, find out what's on their mind, and most importantly, DO NOT LEAVE THEM.  Be a friend and stick with them, because you could be their only lifeline.

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