How can I recover my health after being infected with the flu?


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Be sure to keep up on medication and lots of sleep and if you can maybe get in some excerise and just be sure to stay hydrated.

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Experiencing symptoms from the flu can be quite troublesome and unpleasant. You try your best to fight off the infection with medications and home remedies. Eventually, the flu dies out and you're all better. Here are some tips you can use for this process:

This video provides meaningful strategies that are really effective when treating the flu, as well as other illnesses that are similar to it. These home remedies are often used by plenty of people around the world (including me, as a matter of fact).

To better understand the flu, you must know the general symptoms of it. Although these symptoms can occur for a variety of other illnesses that could be either worse or better than the flu, it's best to understand which exact set of symptoms accompanies the flu.

It's possible for the flu virus to spread from one person to another through contact. So while you still have the flu, try to avoid spreading it to people as much as possible. There are a number of ways to do this:

- Cover your cough using either a tissue or arms (NOT hands! The flu usually spreads through contact on the hands)

- Wash your hands frequently; you can never wash them too much

- Stay home as much as possible when you're sick, unless you REALLY need to go out and it's an emergency

- Get vaccinated whenever you can.

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Take the rest as you can, and eat healthy food in order to have energy, when you recover.

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