Pituitary Gland Is Not Functioning, What Would Cause This?


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You  could  have  a  Pituitary  tumor   or  possible
Some  other   disorder which   is  making  your  
Pituitary  gland  not   function  normal  
I  got  a  disorder  but  no known  cause  
My    body   doesn't  produce  the  male
hormone  on its own
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I am have been sick since 11/08 and found out that my adrenal gland was not producing cortisol. Had an ACTH Test done and it showed that pituary gland was not functioning. MRI yesterday and will see the ENDO. Doc tomorrow.
List of Symptoms:
Stomach Issues
Decreased Appetite
High Heart Rate
Visual Disturbances (aura w/out headache & twitching)
Weight loss / Weight Gain
Hands start shaking
Kidney Problems - using the bathroom all the time
Not sleeping good at all

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