I am getting my MRI Scan result back from my doctor, the scan is for my middle and lower back. I have been waiting for 11 days now. Getting really worried in case it's really serious, the doctor or the hospital haven't contacted me. What do I do?


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Angela Anthony answered

Contact your doctor's office, remind them you had the scan done and the date it was completed. Tell them you would like to know your results, more than likely they will have to call you back, get the name of the person you speak with, if you don't hear anything after awhile, call them back and ask for the same person do that repeatedly until you get your results. Another option is to contact the place you had the scan completed and ask for the results.

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joe mckeown answered

A call to the medical facility that performed the MRI should give you the answers you need. I recently had a CAT Scan on my eye and had heard nothing for 7 days, after which I phoned the Hospital. They told me the results had been forwarded to my Doctor and also my Ocular center and everything was normal. I followed that up with an appointment to the Ocular center who mentioned I would have been informed if the problem was serious. I imagine the same thing would happen in your case.

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