I Some Times Get Cold For No Reason And I Feel Out Of It But Then I Snap Out Of It. What's Wrong With Me?


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There can be several reasons to this occurrence. One of them is that may be you are coming down with fever or flu. At these times it is common and usual to feel cold all of a sudden. But feeling cold can also be due to problems of angina or heart troubles. A person also feels cold and chilled when he/she is frightened or upset.

Thus you might be feeling cold because of any of these reasons. But I think better than making assumptions without any basis it is better to get in touch with a doctor and have a check up. He would be able to provide a more specific diagnosis for your problem and also suggest proper treatment and cures to get rid of it. Therefore I advise that you talk to a doctor as soon as possible.
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I had to go for dental treatment and I must have been frightened as I felt very cold and could not get warm until I got home.

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