Do I have bipolar disorder? I'm frequently stressed out and sometimes I get really angry for no reason. Other times I'll feel really sad and start doubting everything and I'll feel like crying, but other times I feel great and trusting of everything.


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I have had first hand experience with my ex-husband being bi-polar.When he's in manic mode he is promiscuious, spends every cent he has , maxes out his credit cards, is delusional ( thought he could replace Jay Leno -and he wasn't joking), quit his job because he was making too much money for his boss, left his family for a stripper  -  the down side is he isolates himself, criticizes everything and everybody, threatens to hurt himself and/or others. I had to get a court order, twice, to have him picked up and taken to the psych ward. It sounds like you might have  some depression going on which takes an up and down route that you described - there is medication and /or therapist to talk to. Good luck -I'd like to know how things work out for you.
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There is no such thing as bipolar disorder.
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U R wrong. Eejit. I think u have it Ahmet .
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Ahmet, you shoud ahmet it, that you are a Borat and a Dork, of Dorkish propensities.
You should be banished forthwith to the North pole, or to the South pole,--I can't decide which.
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If you want a proper diagnosis, you should pay a visit to a Psychologist. Your Doctor could recommend one.

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