What Is The Main Cause Of Sleep Paralysis Or Nightmare?


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There are several causes which may cause sleep paralysis or nightmares. The causes can be the same for both or different. Both nightmares and sleep paralysis have no effect on a person's physical health. Sleep paralysis is a condition wherein some people are incapable of making any voluntary movements while asleep or for a few second after waking up. This condition only lasts for a short period, however it may be caused by the separation of the physical body from the astral body, as suggested by some researchers. They also say that sleep paralysis is an out-of-body experience.

Nightmares, on the other hand, are also caused due to various reasons like illness or medication. They may be caused by stress or trauma that a person is undergoing. The cause is more often than not psychological and could be the result of small worries or baggage that we carry in our head and ignore for a long time.
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A particular type of pressure can cause sleep paralysis, and only on rare occasions you can have hallucinations. A person can be brought out of this state by being moved or touched, also this state ussualy lasts a few seconds or up to 1 or 2 minutes.

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If a person see some horrified thing then it sticks to his mind and he keep on thinking on that topic and it leads to nightmares.

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