I don't know what to do with my life?


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Hey......don't be hopeless....It is human nature that they take small problems too emotionally and ruin their whole life for them.....Don't do it...have strong...Iknow what you are feeling...don't stop your pain!  Let it out. Cry out loud,  take out all your pain! And then you'll feel good. 

You have to fulfill your dreams. Be thankful for this life, every person is unique - hunt your uniqueness in you and make it big!

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Nice Girl
has answered your question very nicely...... Well, we all have some little or
some big worries in life... We have to settle them by ourselves or sometimes
its beyond our strength .. So in that particular situation we should leave it
in the hands of our Creator, our Almighty God...then you will feel very relaxed.

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