What Does Lupus Skin Rashes Look Like?


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As someone already mentioned, it can look like a butterfly on your cheeks and nose made from red blotches.

What lupus rash looks like on the skin

There's actually a specific type of lupus that affects mainly the skin. It is called: Discoid lupus.

With  lupus that affects the face, mouth ulcers are also pretty common.

The rash will look like circular red marks that can often leave nasty scars, so not very nice!

Did you know lupus is caused by your immune system mistakenly attacking parts of your body and causing illness and tissue damage?

As well as a skin rash, lupus symptoms often include fever, joint ache, generally feeling unwell and being tired, weight loss.

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Pictures of lupus skin legs
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There are many kinds of lupus rashes, you can google image search it, the butterfly rash is a major one. Then there are rashes under the fingernails, in the mouth, on the body, etc

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