I want to sleep, and I am not getting enough sleep. What should I do?


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Several things you can do to help yourself sleep. Try using melatonin, chamomile or sleepytime tea, nice hot shower with lavender soap, read a book, turn off the "gadgets" about a half hour before bed.

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Hi! Here are some tips you can try to get enough sleep -

1. Change your room interior, direction of bed and light.

2. Do not drink coffee or tea just before going to bed.

3. Listen to soft music.

4. Try to reduce the use of laptop, computer, mobile phone before going to bed.

5. When you try to sleep but not getting sleep, take a bath, read your favorite book or do some work of your interest, as you feel sleepy go to bed immediately.

4. Maintain your room temperature, a person feel more sleepy in cold environment.

Try out these tips, they may help. :) 

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